6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Travel Clothes for a Local Getaway


Can you feel the warm sand between your toes? Or the cool breeze of an amazing faraway mountain vista? Or the delicious scent of an exotic food cart wafting through the streets of a new city? For the time being in these days of COVID, these sensations may remain more imaginary than real but, thankfully, you may be beginning to make it out for socially distanced local getaways and a bit of mental relaxation...and, of course, that means making sure you have something to wear (both tops AND bottoms as you’ll now be actually out in public ;)!

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Now you’re standing in front of your closet trying to decide which of your clothes to bring.

Here are six factors to consider to help you pick out the best clothes for traveling. These guidelines will have you looking stylish in every vacation photo, all the while keeping your suitcase intelligently light.

#1: Choose Versatile Pieces

You’re on vacation to relax but you still want your wardrobe working hard.
Rather than assembling highly specific outfits — that shirt has to go with those pants and those shoes or else it doesn’t work — aim for versatile pieces with a lot of matching potential.

Think about the flexibility of a top like the off-white Eva Fitted Blouse. You can throw on your favorite pair of jeans for a relaxed look, or layer it with a blazer for a dinner al fresco. You’ll get more mileage out of your travel wardrobe when you can wear each piece in multiple ways.

#2: Pack for Quality Over Quantity

Bringing fewer quality pieces is better than trying to bring “everything but the kitchen sink,” so to speak. Planning ahead will help you come up with a few knockout mix-and-match outfits so you can avoid the pitfall of overpacking.

#3: Consider How Well Your Clothes Will Hold Up

The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination, throw open your suitcase to change and find a pile of limp and wrinkled garments.

Luckily, pants, skirts and jeans for women made from cotton blends and viscose/polyamide blends tend to be pretty resistant to wrinkles — meaning they’ll look fresh right out of the suitcase. Choosing these easy-care travel clothes will help make your trip more easy-breezy overall.

There are also some packing tricks you can use to keep your women’s travel clothing wrinkle-free, too. Try rolling your clothing or overlapping garments to avoid sharp creases inside your bag.

#4: Opt for Neutral Colors

Building the foundation of your travel wardrobe on neutral colors like black, gray, off-white and earth tones will make it beyond simple to put together chic minimalist outfits.

But minimalism doesn’t mean boring — far from it, in fact. You can still let your creative side run wild, thanks to all the fun variations in sleeves, hems, necklines, draping, lengths and materials.

#5: Consider the Potential for Accessorizing

Say you’re hanging out poolside or by the lake for a week, so you’ve already packed your best vacation dresses — wrinkle-resistant, versatile and comfortable. Now it’s time for the real magic: adding some extra pop with the perfect selection of accessories.

Envision one daytime and one nighttime occasion where you’ll want to wear a dress. What jewelry, outerwear, shoes and bags can you add to really emphasize your ensemble?

#6: Remember One Comfy & One Dressy Outfit

Most of your vacation outfits will probably fall somewhere between athleisure and formalwear. Bringing along one super comfy outfit and one dressy outfit will help you prepare for whatever your trip may bring.

The best travel clothes for women are versatile, high-quality, easy to match and durable during travel. Once you’ve packed your vacation staples, you can explore accessories and get packing.

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