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Minimalist Accessories for Women

While we at Marcellamoda are impassioned by designing with minimalist tendencies, accessories in our opinion can give any look dimension and a utilitarian edge. This edge comes with having the perfect handbag, jewelry, or scarf that serves form and function in equal measures.

Adornment With an Edge

Our minimalist jewelry, for example, is designed with a sculptural approach, such as angular earring sets featuring metal elements pared down to add subtlety and nuance to everyday dressing.

Along with jewelry, we design the perfect handbags that can hold anything and everything, with special attention paid to how you live your busy life. Like our quality women’s clothing, each handbag and minimalist accessory is tested for fit, fabric, and strength.

We also take an active role in the production side of design, which includes sourcing the best materials directly from Europe and working with the most skilled artisans in order to ensure your favorite pieces are built to last.

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At Marcellamoda, we’re driven to create pieces that embody minimalism with an edge, and that design philosophy extends into our range of accessories.

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