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Marcellamoda is a fashion brand featuring minimalist clothing inspired by New York City and the bold, individual edge that women there exude through their personal style. And ethical: all of our garments are lovingly handcrafted in Europe from fabrics and trimmings that are locally sourced.

We design and create pieces that effortlessly blend into one another. Our designers are inspired by an ethos of buying fewer pieces, but ultimately better ones: the hard-working, seasonless wardrobe staples that can take you from day to night in an instant.

Our women’s clothing ranges from minimalist, not-so-basic basic designer tops, tunics, and tees to cocktail dresses, shoes, and accessories.


Design is in our DNA, and our own experiences of living in New York give nuance and dimension to all of our women’s clothing. Edgy statements don’t exist in a vacuum for us. They’re borne out of necessity.

By designing two main collections each year, we never stop creating looks that will resonate with you and your lifestyle. In a commitment to our ethical design practices, we always aim to reduce waste - keeping certain pieces alive and available for several months at a time. Throughout the year, we craft wardrobe essentials to take you from one season to the next. Rather than capture fleeting trends and impulses, our designs are informed by minimalist philosophies, and fashion that combines form and function effortlessly.

We’re simply driven to create your perfect wardrobe essentials. Explore our designs and consult us directly if you’d like to know more about our unique perspective on minimalist clothing and womenswear, or if you have questions about shopping and ordering online.



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