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FREE Express DHL Shipping to the U.S. for 4+ masks.*

This listing is for our Adult Standard Linen Mask, fitting women and men with small to average head sizes. We also have Adult XL and Children’s masks made from cotton. Please consult our size chart within the listing's photos to determine the best fit. 

High-quality washable, soft 100% Lithuanian linen face mask (linen top layer and a second layer make of 100% tightly woven OEKO-TEX® certified cotton) enhanced with a filter pocket and a nose bridge. Generous face and chin coverage, comfortable fit. Each mask comes with one washable filter made of premium German polyester that is recycled and OEKO-TEX® certified (no harmful-to-human substances used during its production and finishing process).  You can replace the filter with paper towel or another filter. We recommend washing the filter inside the mask to prevent it from capturing other particles during the wash. 

Why OEKO-TEX® certified? Because you need the best possible fabrics to breathe through. The OEKO-TEX® certification means that no harmful chemicals were used in its production, dyeing and finishing processes.

Want color/size combinations? You can mix and match colors/sizes with our packs of 3, 5 and 10 masks. Please place an order through our individual mask listing and use these codes at checkout: 3 pack: 3PACKDISCOUNT | 5 pack: 5PACKDISCOUNT | 10 pack: 10PACKDISCOUNT. 

IMPORTANT: We're not able to send a combination of colors/sizes based on a note at checkout, which we would have been happy to do in normal circumstances. Please note that we won't be able to send replacements/reimbursements if you requested a combination with a note and we sent the order without honoring your request. Thank you! ♥

 Product Details

  • Adult Standard size - fitting women and men with small to average head sizes. Please note we also offer cotton Adult XL (recommended for women and men with larger than average head sizes) and Children’s masks (recommended for children aged 4-12)
  • Nose wire (built-in twist tie) for ultimate stability and comfort (non-corrosive)
  • Made of 100% Lithuanian linen (top layer) and 100% European Cotton for breathability and a comfortable fit
  • Filter pocket (fits our filter or a pm2.5 filter)
  • One replaceable/washable filter made of special German recycled polyester fabric (also OEKO-TEX® Certified). Purchase additional filters here
  • Round elastic bands with extra length so that they can fit different face sizes (i.e., we recommend tying a knot for a tight fit)
  • Approximately 6.6 inches x 9 inches. Please reference our size chart for more details
  • Lovingly sourced and handmade by our atelier in Bulgaria (Europe)
  • Machine wash on delicate cycle or hand wash in hot water. Lay flat to dry for best results. If you dry it in a dryer, the mask will shrink a bit. Do not iron the filter or elastic bands

Donation Option: If you would like to help provide a mask to non-healthcare professionals in the NYC area by donating one or more masks from your order, add a note to seller during checkout with code: MASKDONATION and let us know which/how many masks are for donation (please be as specific as possible so that we avoid not sending you the mask you'd like to receive. We will donate the mask(s) on your behalf to non-healthcare providers (grocery shop assistants, transportation professionals, etc) in our beloved New York City. Thank you for helping us provide this crucial equipment to those who need it most!

Please Note: For safety reasons, our face masks are ineligible for returns or exchanges.


  • Our masks are not FDA approved and not medical masks but they provide a basic physical barrier consistent with the current CDC recommendations for face coverings.
  • Per the CDC's recommendation, a reusable mask shouldn't be placed on your face multiple times without washing it because of potential contamination reaching your face during placement. You should have several clean masks to use throughout the day if you intend to remove it multiple times.


*Why is our shipping cost so high? The real shipping cost of the least expensive package from Europe to the U.S. is about $20. We are not able to ship fewer than four masks with free or discounted shipping based on simple economics. The alternative is to stop offering the option of buying one, two or three masks, which we think would be less beneficial to everyone. We thank you for your understanding!! We are happy we are able to offer free shipping for four masks and above. Be safe! 

For bulk orders, please contact us.



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