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Orders, Returns and Exchanges Q&A (updated on March 19th, 2020)

We are extending our standard processing period to 1-3 weeks. Here are some more specific details:

1) Returns and exchanges - process: many of you have returns and exchanges that are in process (you received a shipping label from us or have already shipped your return/exchange package). Unfortunately, we were not able to process the returns/exchanges that were in our possession this week and of course those that still remain in transit.  We won’t be able to process any of these until we re-open our office and are so incredibly sorry for this!! We will be in touch at the beginning of April with an update.

2) Returns and exchanges – new requests: we would be happy to create shipping labels for all of you once we re-open our office. We will de-activate our returns/exchanges listings not to cause confusion. Additionally, for any item eligible to be returned/exchanged as of today, March 15th, we will be extending a new 45-day return/exchange window from the date of our re-opening. Again, regardless, we will be in touch at the beginning of April with an update.

Please contact us at with questions. We're here and care for each and every one of you and thank you for your trust! Please forgive us any delays in getting back to you. 



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