marcellamoda is an effortless women's clothing line that merges timeless lines with an edgy, yet elegant New York aesthetic.  

The company is led by two sisters, Siyana and Marta, along with their family. Self-thaught designers, their main inspiration is their grandmother, a famous Bulgarian designer who has defined their sensibility for clean lines. The sisters have a combination of art, music, and business education and this diversity of backgrounds helps them define their unique fashion perspective.   

One of the sisters, Marta, is an opera singer with a Master's degree in Opera Performance from The Juilliard School, New York, with an ever-growing love for design. 

Siyana is also passionate for design, but her strength is on the entrepreneurial side. With a MBA degree from Emory University and a 10-year career in finance in the U.S., Siyana decided that the world of art, design and entrepreneurship, mixed with social work is how she would truly make a difference. 

How about the brand's design and manufacturing processes? The company cares about how every garment is made - in the most ethical and conscious way, including the sourcing of materials and the environment in which the garments are produced! 

Finally, the sisters grew up in a family that is passionate about helping marginalized kids, which has made them believe that people should strive to be better than themselves! This is why they've selected UNICEF as the charity their customers can support through their purchases - 5% of all profits are donated to UNICEF.