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Who We Are

At Marcellamoda, we believe less clutter in one’s closet means more space and time for beautiful experiences. We’re passionate about creating timeless, sustainable designs that can be worn regardless of weather or occasion. In our imagination, it's a special kind of uniqueness we aspire to. We refer to it as "Minimalism with an Edge."
Our history

We are a long-time family business

“Marcella” was the nickname of our grandmother, Marta. Our native country of Bulgaria suffered through almost 50 years of communism during which there was small opportunity for someone with big dreams and yet, by force of her will and her talent, Marcella found a way to apprentice with a grand master in Paris and then became a prominent Bulgarian designer.

Inspired by her determination, two sisters (Siyana and Marta) eventually pursued our own goals in the professional world: Siyana as me as an Emory-trained M.B.A. working in finance, Marta as a Julliard-trained opera singer. Our career paths led us to New York City, where we both settled.
And, still, even after she passed, Marcella never stopped influencing us. Her example eventually motivated us both to assume leadership of the family business, embracing the standards she’d once established but reinterpreting them according to the “upscale street” aesthetic we’d come to love while living in Manhattan.

The legacy of Marcella lives on in “Marcellamoda” – Inspired by New York City, Handcrafted in Europe, Minimalism with an Edge.
Our Aestethic

NYC-inspired Design

European-born, we obviously have our cultural roots abroad but the one place that influences our design sensibility more than any other is New York City. Like the city, itself, our garments combine clean lines and geometric construction with an occasional surprise of asymmetry. Adopted New Yorkers, we like to think that we bring forward the best of both our European pasts and our American present – the result being the elegant but edgy “upscale street” style that is our brand's signature.
Our production

European Craftsmanship

Never forgetting that it once started off as a small family production house, our fabulous, highly trained team continues to produce all of its collections within the European Union. In these days of global outsourcing, our fabrics, knits, leather, and trimmings remain locally sourced on the continent. Each one of our garments, shoes and accessories is produced by hand either in one of two company ateliers or within trusted, long-time and fastidiously supervised local artisanal partners. We are relentless about ensuring that you, our customer, have the opportunity to enjoy superior standards of European craftsmanship even as we strive to keep our garments and accessories highly accessible in price.
Our ethos

Minimalism with an Edge

We fervently believe that keeping our collections unique helps you our customer with needing fewer special pieces - treasured items in your wardrobe that you can wear season after season, year and year. Producing two main collections annually, we never stop focusing on creating designs that set trends rather than following them, carefully crafting each sample, as well as doing extensive fit and fabric testing to ensure longevity. We furthermore keep our collections alive beyond several months (and with many favorite pieces for years on end...), minimizing dead stock and waste. We stand as a proud alternative to "disposable" or "fast" fashion, offering instead premium, long-lasting, and yet affordable garments and accessories.


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