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A Set of 5 Face Mask Filters (Oeko-Tex Certified)


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5 face mask filters, made from premium German polyester that is recycled and OEKO-TEX®-certified polyester (no harmful-to-human substances used during its production and finishing process). Fitting our handmade Marcellamoda washable cloth masks or most other masks (but you could customize them by easily cutting them; no sewing necessary).

Please note that this listing is only for the 5 filters featured in the first photo. The rest of the photos feature our masks which are only for a reference.

The filter is washable and reusable without limitations. It should be washed with hot water and tumble dried after every use. Per CDC's recommendation, a reusable mask shouldn't be placed on your face multiple times without washing it because of potential contamination reaching your face during placement. You should have several clean masks to use throughout the day if you intend to remove it multiple times.

Our masks and filters are not FDA approved and are not medical-grade products. When used along with our masks, these filters help provide a basic physical barrier consistent with the current CDC recommendations for face coverings.

LIMITED QUANTITY: Because of limited quantity, we would not be able to send more than 3 sets of filters per order (maximum 15 filters per order)

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, our face masks and filters are ineligible for returns or exchanges.

MATERIAL: German recycled polyester fabric, OEKO-TEX® certified.

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