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A Set of 2 Face Mask Silk Filters


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Do you have a cotton mask with a filter pocket? Then our pure silk filters would be your best sustainable option for filters. This listing is for a pack of 2 washable filters, made from two layers of 100% pure silk. Fitting our handmade Marcellamoda adult washable cloth masks or most other masks (comparable size to pm2.5 filters).

The filters are washable and reusable without limitations. They should be washed with hot water and tumble dried after every use. Please note that our filters may come made of thicker, yet breathable silk, usually used for evening gowns. We have extensively tested our filters and the new and improved thickness does not affect their breathability.

Pack discounts? Please place an order through this 2 pack listing and apply one of these codes at checkout:

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10 Pack ($55): 10SILK | 20 Pack ($98): 20SILK

A quick note from our founder and designer, Siyana, on why we've decided to launch our innovative washable silk filters:

"I'm Siyana, the Head Designer of Marcellamoda. When trying to create a face mask that would offer the maximum possible protection, I decided to research in depth what the best non-medical mask filters are made from. This is when I read about the recent work of the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, which found that 'the combination of tightly woven cotton and a fabric that holds a static charge, [such as silk], seemed to make the most effective combination, filtering out 80–99% of the particles, depending on their size. The team even suggests that the performance of this combination is comparable to that of N95 masks, which are used by healthcare professionals.'* This combination of natural fabrics is likely effective because they provide a double barrier: mechanical and electrostatic. Yet the University of Chicago also emphasizes that, for these masks to be truly effective, they have to fit snugly. Reading this, I got to work with my team and voila...enjoy and stay safe!"

*Source: Forbes, "These Are The Best Fabrics To Use For Your Cloth Masks, According To Researchers"

Our masks and filters are not FDA approved and are not medical-grade products. When used along with our masks, these filters help provide a basic physical barrier consistent with the current CDC recommendations for face coverings.

Per the CDC's recommendation, a reusable mask shouldn't be placed on your face multiple times without washing it because of potential contamination reaching your face during placement. You should have several clean masks to use throughout the day if you intend to remove it multiple times.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, our face masks and filters are ineligible for returns or exchanges.

MATERIAL: 100% pure silk, with 100% cotton piping.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 5.5" (14cm) wide x 4.5" (11.5cm) tall at the center.

Recommended for use in our adult standard size or adult XL masks. Not recommended for our children's masks. The filters are flexible and should work with most other adult size masks filter pockets (it is a comparable size to pm2.5 filters), though please note we cannot guarantee the fit with masks made by other brands.



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