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A Pack of 2 Ear Savers


This listing is for our Pack of 2 Ear Savors, compatible with our Adults Standard, Unisex XL, and Children's masks.

Product Details

  • Pack of 2 Ear Savers.
  • Features an elastic band with 2 plastic buttons sewn on to hold mask straps in place.
  • Designed to alleviate discomfort from mask straps, especially when worn for long hours.
  • Approximately  4" (10 cm) in length.
  • Lovingly sourced and handmade by our atelier in Bulgaria (Europe). 

Donation Option: If you would like to help provide a mask to non-healthcare professionals in the NYC area by donating one or more masks from your order, add a note to seller during checkout with code: MASKDONATION and let us know which/how many masks are for donation (please be as specific as possible so that we avoid not sending you the mask you'd like to receive. We will donate the mask(s) on your behalf to non-healthcare providers (grocery shop assistants, transportation professionals, etc) in our beloved New York City. Thank you for helping us provide this crucial equipment to those who need it most!

Please Note: For safety reasons, our face masks are ineligible for returns or exchanges. We strive to ship our mask orders from the US within 24 hours. For that reason, we cannot accept cancellations at this time.


  • Our masks are not FDA approved and not medical masks but they provide a basic physical barrier consistent with the current CDC recommendations for face coverings.
  • Per the CDC's recommendation, a reusable mask shouldn't be placed on your face multiple times without washing it because of potential contamination reaching your face during placement. You should have several clean masks to use throughout the day if you intend to remove it multiple times.


For bulk orders, please contact us.



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